Packaging Design
Creative & Photography Beach Chair Lager Packaging

Comfort & Strength...
Branding Strongwear

When products are engineered to be the best, it's a blast to have a part in marketing them.

Brand Development Beach Chair Lager Brand
Packaging & Photography Beach Chair Lager Packaging

Grab a Chair...
Beach Chair Lager that is!

Working with folks at the PEI Brewing Company (makers of Gahan Beer) "barley " felt like work. :)

Brand development
Photography N3XT TV

Yes it's N3XT TV...
... with a "3"

The web series nominated for a Digi Award. From brand & web design to apparel... a fun one x 3!

Re-brand launch
Sleek & clean web designRe-brand rendering

Forecast cloudy,
cool web based billing.

Pleased to partner with Mountain Studios & Lunan Corporation of Ottawa on this re-brand.

Brand Family
Website "Family" Designs

Branding within a Family;
honour your "Parent" :)

We worked with family branding to help redefine a development in a pristine residential paradise.

Brand Brand & Web Design
Photography Photography

the Brickhouse

From brand to signage. (Marc's Studio upstairs too!)

Before Before
Re-brand rendering Re-brand rendering

We help you visualize your re-brand

Visual renderings helped transform the face of former hotel The Islander to The Hotel on Pownal.